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Re: Sightron Siii LRIRMH

Post by pirellip » Mon Dec 29, 2014 3:27 pm

biagio36 wrote:Hi Tim
These scopes are made for FT.
Well just to be clear, the Nikko 10-50 Diamond isn't made specifically for FT. They have a Targetmaster 10-50 with an FT reticle, but it's a MUCH inferior scope (I owned one) I've also had 5 Nikko's over the years - 2 of the 1st generation, 2 of the 3rd generation and 1 of the '3.5' generation. I currently have one of the 1st and the 3.5 generation ones.

Yes, they're good scopes, but so are the Sightron - Jeff and George love theirs and are using them on their Piston rigs, with no problems. I had one of my Nikko's crap out on my while on my HW77K - but to be honest, it spent a season on my TX200SR, which is very good at destroying scopes due to the recoiling sled system, so it was my own fault.

Several top UK shooters love the Sightron, but you still see a lot of Nikko scopes too.

The Nikko warranty used to be amazing, I had a 1st generation that I felt wasn't working correctly, and they sent me out a 3rd generation without issue. However when my 3rd generation failed, they weren't selling the Diamond and thus sent me a Targetmaster. It's not in the same league. Once they started selling the 3.5 generation, I was able to send back my used Targetmaster and pay the wholesale difference for the Diamond. This required a conversation with the distributor's owner though, but it was a nice conversation.

I've not heard of any issues with Sightron's lifetime warranty. It doesn't say anything about it only applying to the original owner either.

For Piston rifles, I feel the Leupold Competition are the best scope, due to their light weight and lack of adjustable power (one less thing to break) but if I were to purchase another scope, it'd be a Sightron.
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Re: Sightron Siii LRIRMH

Post by biagio36 » Wed Aug 26, 2015 6:14 pm

I bought a Nikon Target Master from a friend. It's a great scope, because it's one of the older ones from like 8-10 years ago. I love that scope. Plus my friend already ranged the scope. Which is perfect for me.

I must say the Diamond has not failed me yet. It's the 3.5 version.

Remember, I have a Falcon T-50 as well. Now I do have a little beef with the Falcon. The wheel that comes with it, is a piece of garbage. From the moment I had it on the gun the wheel will move from it's original spot. See the set screws that they have put in this wheel, is not a great fit for the holes that have been drilled and tapped. I'm trying to find another wheel, but they are not cheap by any means. I must say I'll pay through the nose for a good wheel that fits my Falcon.


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