Fun day at HAHA

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Fun day at HAHA

Post by JeffH » Sun Aug 02, 2020 9:08 pm

A teaser... several of us got out Saturday , Aug 1 to celebrate going to Phase 3. Really it was any excuse to get some FT air gunners out. Shout out to Chris H and Brian W for putting together something last minute. Bob and Pete, great to see you guys and the nice rigs that you've put together over the winter.

We had a blast figuring out where our guns were shooting and getting them dialed in for the match at the end of August. If you don't have it on your calendar, mark August 29th or there about. Definitely more info to follow.

Thanks again to Chris and Brian! and seeing Bob and Pete 8-)

See you all again soon. Shoot straight and stay safe!

Jeff H

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