June 27, 2015 Port Match -Pics added-

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Re: June 27, 2015 Port Match -Pics added-

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Results for June 27, 2015

“WET” is the word to describe the match this time. It started raining as we opened the sight-in range and it did not stop for the entire day. Once the trees were also saturated with rain, the wind brought very large drops down on us. The temperature only got up to about 17°C, which was a little uncomfortable for some. It was an experience, but not one I am in a hurry to repeat.

The halfway point in the match brought in wet shooters and scorecards. Not much was talked about with respect to scores, or if it was, I missed it. I was in great shape having shot a 24/30, but that was about to change.

The hunter pcp class had five shooters and both Greg and Larry scored an impressive 97/120. Unfortunately, a mix up on the score sheet resulted in Larry being declared the winner. Not sure why Greg did not want to have a shoot-off on the open sight-in range with nice windy and rainy conditions. So I guess we had two winners.

Marshall was the only shooter in the hunter piston class, but did shoot a good score on the day.

Dean and Dennis were the two open pcp shooters and Dean managed a 49/60 to take the top spot. As was the case with most of us, keeping the scope glass clear was a struggle through the entire match.

There were three of us in the WFTF piston class and water and spring guns do not seem to go together well. After shooting 24 on the first half, it was obvious to me that the poi of the gun had shifted dramatically and with the wet glass, it was near impossible for me to figure out how to correct it. This resulted in a score of eight for the last half of the match. Ted had the opposite, starting out having trouble hitting anything and then he improved as the match proceeded. I was able to hang on to take the top spot in the class, edging Ted out by a small margin. Jeff was shooting his hunter rig in the WFTF class and did just fine with it.

I imagine there were quite a few of us that took their guns completely apart to get the water out. I used the compressor to blow the water off all the parts and to dry the main tube of the gun. Mine is all back together and shooting well and I hope all others have their guns back to normal again.

Thanks to everyone who braved the conditions and stuck it out to the end of the match and special thanks to those that set up and took down lanes for the match.

I certainly hope the weatherman cooperates with us on the third weekend of July when we will be hosting the Nationals once again at the Port Colborne club. I look forward to a great match and to seeing many of my friends, whether an old friend or one I am about to meet.

Results Chart
May 24, 2014

Rifles are .177 unless designated otherwise.
....Shooter....Score...Gun... Scope... Pellet
..... Hunter Division ...Score /120
..... Hunter PCP
1.. Larry Carroll... 97... AA MPR FT... Bushnell 6-24... JSB 8.4
2.. Greg Stopelli... 97... HW100KT... Millet TRS1... JSB 8.4
3.. Rob Billard... 71... AA S410... Hawke 8-32... Cr .22 HP
4.. Tim Turcotte... 58... Logan Solo... Hawke 6-24... JSB 8.4
5.. Joe Turcotte... 38 DNF... Logan Solo... Hawke 6-24... JSB 8.4

..... Hunter Piston
1.. Marshall Doan... 76... Stoeger X20... Centre P. 4-16... Cr Magnum

..... Open PCP Score /60
1.. Dean Leite*... 49... Steyr LG110 FT... Deben 10-50... H&N 10.6
2.. Dennis Eden*... 36... Theoben 17FT... Pr Leopold 35X... CPH

..... WFTF Piston
1.. Tim MacSweyn*... 32... FWB 300 UN... Pr Leopold 35X... JSB 7.9
2.. Ted Gibson*...... 29... HW97K... Leapers 8-32... Cr .22 HP
3.. Jeff Hemming*... 15... TX200 Mk3... Aeon 4-16... JSB 8.4

* Set up lanes for the match
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