ChairGun Pro software for scope setup

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ChairGun Pro software for scope setup

Post by dHb » Sun Oct 07, 2012 5:22 pm

For anyone who isn't already using this software. It is a great aid when figuring out the trajectory of your gun/scope/pellet combo.

Key Features:
Free tool designed to compliment Hawke Reticles (and many others)
Simultaneously compare performance setups
Print trajectory charts, calculations & images
Comprehensive 'Editable' & 'Printable' database

You can download it here:

It took me a while to find how to print out a mil dot reticle with POI (point of impact ranges). Click on 'Tools' then 'Reticle". It's a handy memory aid to tape to the side of your scope. I loaned my HW97 with a Leapers 3-12x44 scope to a complete novice last match and after showing him how to use the large labelled parallax wheel and the holdover chart he shot a 37/60.
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