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TX200 Siblings

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 9:20 pm
by Mac
I have pretty much been shooting TX200s of some iteration for a few years now and really liking it. I have four of them now. Started with the Mk2 a few years back, but did not shoot it a lot. It is the second one down, topped with an AirMax 4-16.

I had been trying to talk a friend into selling me his TX200SR Mk2 for years without success, then I spotted one on the classified ads in the US and I happened to know the seller. I contacted him and he offered me a great deal on an unmolested/ unmodified TX200SR Mk1. So I picked up my first SR, the one at the top of the pic and it wears a Sightron 10-50.

The friend I wanted to by the Mk2 SR from had traded it for a scope to another friend of mine. So I made it clear that if he wanted to sell it, I wanted first crack at it. A number of years later, I was able to pick up the SR Mk2 in a nice match stock, the third rifle down. It happens to be a left handed action in a right handed stock, which works very well for loading with my left hand rather than reaching around with my right. It is topped with a very rare Premier modified Leupold MK4 fixed 35X.

I have been wanting a carbine, so when one became available at AGS, I snapped it up, the one at the bottom with a beech stock. I have a walnut stock you can see at the side of the pic. It was shooting hot when I bought it and I have installed a Tony L. 22mm kit in it and it feels like a different rifle; very quick, mild firing cycle. It has a Bushnell 6500 4-16 mounted and I am just in the process of sighting it in. Early results are extremely promising. Will be keeping an eye out for a match stock for it.

I hope I can get a good sibling rivalry going between these guns. All the guns have RWS bullseye mounts that have been modified by Hector Medina to take all of the extra movement out of them.
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Re: TX200 Siblings

Posted: Fri Oct 30, 2020 5:20 pm
by Mac
Little brother got a new set of clothes. I was able to trade for a Field Target Shop TX200 FT stock and it is just perfect for the HC. Joel added copper rods on the cheek and knee riser to give more adjustment and dress it up a bit as well. The butt hook is also from The Field Target Shop in Lithuania. I have the Premier Leupold Mk4 on it, since it does not seem to be affected by cold or hot and I will be shooting this through the winter for practise.

The gun also has a Tony Leach 22mm kit in it and it transforms the shooting characteristics. Nice quick thump and it settles so quickly from the recoil, if you are following through on the shot, you can often pick up the pellet in flight or at least see where it hits the target. Very helpful in field target.
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Re: TX200 Siblings

Posted: Fri Oct 30, 2020 5:54 pm
by pirellip
Your collection continues to grow! Pretty soon you'll have a different TX for every day of the week! That's a great looking stock and appears to be very functional. Great find.

Re: TX200 Siblings

Posted: Fri Nov 13, 2020 1:24 pm
by Mac
Thanks, Tom. The rig weighs in at about 14 pounds and although many that do not shoot field target may think that is very heavy, I would like to bring the weight up to 15+. My Mk1 TX weighs in at 16+ and I really like it, especially for standing and kneeling. It seems easier to hold it still or at least the movement is slower. Adding weight seems to be an easier task than trimming weight, so I will come up with something.