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Welcome to the official Canadian Field Target Association (CAFTA) Forum! We are here to talk about and promote the precision airgun shooting sport widely known as Field Target (FT).

CAFTA's role is to promote FT in Canada, manage rules, connect our community to the wider international scene and share information about events, equipment and the joy of FT.

This forum is our community's voice where we may share opinions, ideas and our joy of the sport. It is a place based on mutual respect, decorum and civility. Please do not use this forum to criticize individuals, other forums or conduct commercial activities.

Head on over to the our website http://www.caftacentral.ca/ and follow us on Face Book https://www.facebook.com/CanadianAirgun ... eTLbr_pSgF to see pics, read event write ups and find the Canadian FT rules.

As field target continues to grow in Canada, we look forward to meeting our fellow shooters living across Canada.

We are the 2021 CAFTA Governors:
Brian Wernham - HAHA
Geoff MacGregor - Port Colborne
Jeff Hemming - President
Joel Goodwin - Secretary / Treasurer
Robert Wall - at large
Tim MacSweyn - Grenville

Elections for two positions will be held at the National Championship (in July) or the Fudd Match (in October).

Finally, we maintain an email list of active participants that receive communications about upcoming matches and events. If you would like to be on the list, drop an email to one of the addresses below and provide your name, province and email address. We respect your privacy and will not use this list for any other purpose than communicating about matches and upcoming events. To be clear, the list will not be shared.

Contact - Tim MacSweyn, cft.mac@gmail.com or Jeff Hemming - ftcanada@bell.net

We look forward to seeing you at a match and remember - Shoot Safely, Shoot Often & Share Field Target!

2021 CAFTA Board of Governors
CAFTA Governor