What's going on with CAFTA

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What's going on with CAFTA

Post by JeffH » Sun Dec 01, 2019 10:38 pm

Hello from an ice encrusted southern Ontario! Hope all are well and making it through the first rounds of winter.

Wanted to take a moment and introduce this new section on the forum and provide an update on CAFTA.

CAFTA News is Tim Mac's inspiration and we're excited to get it up and running. The intention is to have a place where everyone can share and learn about what's happening with CAFTA and the efforts to promote and organize field target in Canada.

Some things to highlight:
1. At the Elmer Fudd match in October we held an election for two open spots on the Board of Governors. Brain Wernham and Jeff Hemming were confirmed in the roles and fill out the six person group. A shout out to Chris Nicolson and Don Irvine for their years of service and effort - thank you!
3. A heads up, at next year's Nationals or Fudd, two positions will come up for election and any active CAFTA member may participate. Stay tuned for more information closer to the time.
3. The BoG met recently to set priorities and select a president and secretary/treasurer for the coming 2020 eason. Tim Mac stepped down as president and, after a vote, Jeff Hemming will take on the role. A big thank you to Tim for his long and dedicated service to the community. He isn't leaving, just stepping back a bit. Joel G was voted in as the Secretary/Treasurer. A shout out to Joel!
4. The CAFTA website, http://www.caftacentral.ca/ has been updated - head over to check out the new event coverage, pics and rules. Better yet, bookmark it to keep up to date on upcoming changes. Teaser, we're working on a 'Match Resources' page that will include templates, certification info, checklists and information on running matches.
5. We have a page on Face Book https://www.facebook.com/CanadianAirgun ... 1XWUiU6-A1 and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/fieldtargetcanada/?hl=en
6. Updates have been made to the forum to clean things up a bit and get new information out.
7. The "Welcome" post has been updated with the names and handles of the 2020 BoG and general information about CAFTA. Give it a read!

There is a more to come, we're excited to bring it to you and more, we look forward to conversations and feedback so that we can continue to grow FT!

Shoot Safely, Shoot Often & Share Field Target!

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