2021 Board of Governors

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2021 Board of Governors

Post by JeffH » Thu Sep 16, 2021 6:41 pm

After this year's Canadian FT Nationals in Grenville a CAFTA session was held to confirm the recent vote for the Board of Governors.

I present to the community the CAFTA Board of Governors for 2021/2022:

Bob Wall
Brian Wernham
Geoff MacGregor
Jeff Hemming
Joel Goodwin
Tim MacSweyn

The position of President and Secretary will be confirmed at the next CAFTA board meeting in late September.

In terms of the recent vote, Joel Goodwin and Tim MacSweyn retained their position on the board by acclamation. They will serve for two years, until 2023.

Looking to next year, 2022, there are two positions that are coming up - Jeff Hemming and Brian Wernham.

Though it is a long way out, keep it in mind if you are interested in running and helping shape the future of Field Target in Canada.

Welcome back Joel and Tim! Look forward to two more fun and exciting years!

Jeff H
CAFTA President

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