Growth and Possibilities at Grenville

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Growth and Possibilities at Grenville

Post by Mac » Wed Nov 21, 2018 8:55 pm

Although this information could have been gleaned from match report, I want to be sure folks are aware of what we are doing at Grenville.

We have already expanded to 20 lanes that now have three targets in each lane. When we have regular 60 shot matches on ten lanes, we are only using half of the lanes, so the courses will not be the same from month to month.

This also allows us to have the provincial match on all twenty lanes with only one shot per target, similar to how WFTF matches are shot. These matches are quite challenging when you have to shoot a full 20 lanes and do not get a second chance on any target.

It is now possible for us to have two day matches with 60 shots per day. The first two day match will probably not happen until 2020, once we build our membership and participation.

The Grenville Fish & Game Club (GF&GC) is also in the process of creating a 300 yard range behind our FT course and once the berm goes up behind the course, we will have much more freedom in how the targets are arranged. We will be able to spread them out and also make many of the lanes longer.

There certainly is room for more lanes if we grow enough to need them, but for now, the 20 lanes we have will be put to great use.

The GF&GC have been great with their response any time we need assistance, such a stone for the shooting pads or signage. Many thanks to Lynn and the club for supporting us. I really hope we can support them and make them thankful that FT happens at their club.
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