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Getting Ready for the Provincial. what a hell

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 7:44 pm
What a head ache. I have parts failing, I had parts machine new tubes and valves and regulator and nothing is working. and if it's not parts letting go it o-rings that leak.
and I'm running low on air since the tank kit I bought is always leaking if it's not one place it's another even the bleed valve leaks
you need to put it so tight that some day the small plastic handle will break.
I need to adjust velocity and install and adjust scope.

so I'm coming to the Provincials with a QB79 I bought From Eric a Scopes and ammo a few years ago ( like 10 )
the best thing about it is it's not leaking it's been a safe queen for many years but now it's coming to compete with me.
this was supposed to be my Elmer Fudd Hunter Rifle and now it will be my main.

it's camera shy so no pic's but it looks like a run of the mill QB79 from 10 years ago the same one I did a few years of FT with in the start
of the Ottawa club.

See you Saturday. if I did not go crazy.

Re: Getting Ready for the Provincial. what a hell

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:47 pm
READY.... well not really but i'm coming anyway.

see you tomorrow.

my Cell phone too late <------ save it now can't text driving but I can get phone calls

I will delete this number on Sunday.

low Budget Open PCP FT a big whopping 860fps lol