HAHA 2020 Fudd Match - ideas & food

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HAHA 2020 Fudd Match - ideas & food

Post by JeffH » Tue Sep 29, 2020 9:35 pm

Hi all, Topher1266 posted this message -

Those of you know I like making matches challenging, but most of all FUN. We have been discussing things to make this year FUDD more fun.

One idea is open site [Elmer didn't use no scope] so bring out anything 20 ft/lb limit with open site and for those non magnified dot site and try your luck at some long range targets or just enjoy your gun. I'm going to setup a long shot target to win a couple field targets. Trick is the gun will be supplied by another member no one will have an advantage.

It is ok to bring whatever rig you plan to shoot scoped or not. If you have any ideas for something else as a challenge let me know we'll try it out.

I need to know about food, do guys want chili or not and how many? I need responses to know who's coming.

Reach Chris at - h.c.holmes@rogers.com or reply to this post.

The more info he gets the better the match :)

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