Canadian Field Target 2020 Nationals - a few last minute things

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Canadian Field Target 2020 Nationals - a few last minute things

Post by JeffH » Thu Sep 17, 2020 8:55 am

Here’s a few things to know about the 2020 FT Nationals coming up in this weekend - Sept 18-20 at the Grenville Fish and Game club -

1. A big thank you to all of you – we have 26 registered shooters and we could get as many as 30!
2. Formal registration is Saturday morning starting at 8:30 AM. You have to register to access the sight in lanes. Bring your completed paper work! i.e., your printed reg form and waiver. Both are available from the CAFTA site - ... nationals/
3. Sight in range opens at 9:00 AM both days.
4. Everyone needs to chrony their gun before the shooters meeting each day.
5. Full match agenda - ... nationals/
6. The prize table is looking great – 7 rifles including some CO2, under levers and .177 and .22 cal, a couple of scopes, sweet Wilkins pellet pouches, knee rolls, bum bag, knock down targets, pellets and a few more goodies.
7. A heads up – there is going to be a Cowboy shoot going on at the main range both days. So if you see a bunch of folks in cowboy outfits with six shooters you’re at the wrong range. Here is where you need to be -
8. If you get to Grenville Friday afternoon, we’re doing gun slinger and Quigley fun shoot. Timing is 5’ish thought we may go earlier if folks are about.
9. Remember to social distance outdoors. If indoors need to wash hands and wear a mask.
10. There will be water during the match and no food. Bring you own snacks!
11. It’s looking like a cool couple of days… check the forecast and dress accordingly. The club house is a not close by and you’ll need a mask.
12. There is no Open class. We are Hunters and WFTF this year.

AND - if you haven't registered and would like to participate, grab your gear, bring the reg fee and join us at Grenville Fishing and Hunting Club this weekend!

We're excited to see everyone in Grenville!
Grenville Field Target Committee

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