Canadian 2020 Nationals

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Canadian 2020 Nationals

Post by JeffH » Fri Jul 10, 2020 6:39 pm

Hello from the CAFTA BoG

It’s been some time… and definitely interesting times! Hoping this finds everyone doing as best as the can, keeping healthy and not suffering too badly from FT withdrawal.

To get right to business, the Canadian Nationals are scheduled to begin on July 17. As you may expect, we shall not be moving forward with the Nationals this July. The hard reality is until both the Ontario government and shooting clubs change their COVID policies there will be no organized competitions, including the Nationals. This means the government needs to increase the number of people that can be in one place and the clubs need to allow non-members on to the club grounds.

Having said that, we continue to monitor the situation and are in touch with the Grenville club, site for the 2020 Nationals, on a regular basis. Fingers are crossed that something may be possible in September or October.

Coming back to FT withdrawal, we are looking at some ways to get us together virtually, both for some shooting fun and comradery. To put gauge interest, let us know by reply to this post if you would be interested in a ‘mail-in’ type event that includes a virtual gathering on something like Zoom.

Also, drop us a line through email ( or the CAFTA Forum to say hey, if you’ve any questions or just have something to positive to share.

To riff on the site tag line – stay healthy, shoot often and share FT!

Brian Wernham
George Harde
Jeff Hemming
Joel Goodwin
Tim MacSweyn
Tom Peretti

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