RESULTS: Burlington FT Pistol - 1 March 2020

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RESULTS: Burlington FT Pistol - 1 March 2020

Post by JeffH » Sun Mar 01, 2020 11:54 pm


Open Sights Score /96
Brian Wernham 78
George Harde 59
Larry Carroll 74
Zach Harde 70

Red Dot/Unmagnified
Don Irvine 66
Geoff MacGregor 58
Jeff Hemming 87
Larry Young 43
Rob Gastle 83
Ted Gibson 82
Tony Lau 77
Tony Raposo 45
Don Irvine 66

Dennis Eden 96
Lanny Hann 92
Magdy Hassouna 93
Tony Moosie 79

For more details and write up visit ... ch-1-2020/

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Re: RESULTS: Burlington FT Pistol - 1 March 2020

Post by Mac » Mon Mar 02, 2020 11:14 am

Thanks for the post and write up, Jeff. Look at you on the scoreboard; awesome.

Some great shooting all around and a nice turnout. Dennis did it again; he and his rig are tough to beat. Congrats.

I hope to get to one of the pistol matches next year and hope it does not have to be cancelled :( like this year. Might shoot scoped to get a beating from Dennis. :)

Hope to see the gang in May at the rifle match if fate is smiling on me.
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