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Fudd aftermath .... pic/vid and results added

Posted: Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:06 pm
by bjp
well, another FUDD match is in the books and I'd like to thank Tim, Dennis and everyone else who put it on or shot it for making it a highlight of the FT season. It was right up there with the Nationals and Ontario Provincials for enjoyment factor.

Challenging course and I shot "Lights Out" (as in, if you saw my score you'd swear that the lights must have been out when I shot cuz i didn't hit much of anything but forest!!!! In a survival situation I better learn to fish).

I didn't stick around for the Chili afterwards because of a 6 hour drive and family commitments but I'm sure everyone else enjoyed it. put it on your calender for next year, you'll be happy you did.

Re: Fudd aftermath ....

Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2015 12:40 am
by FTguy
That was FUN!!!..
Thanks to all the good folks that make events like this possible for us to Enjoy!!! ..

Managed a few pics and vid clips with the camera between taking aim at targets with the rifle and moving from lane to lane.. Cheers!

Click Image to be directed to the short vid..
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Re: Fudd aftermath .... pic/vid and results added

Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2015 10:32 pm
by Mac
Results for October 3, 2015
Eighth Elmer Fudd Annual Hunter Match

With rain happening all around us and in spite of a very iffy forecast, we were lucky enough to have a great fall day for the Fudd this year. It was windy, which spiced things up a bit, but a nice dry October day here in Southern Ontario. There were 34 targets set up on 17 lanes, ranging from 12 to 52 yards, including one lane each of standing and kneeling. Keeping with the Fudd match tradition, there were no hit zones smaller than one inch, although it sure seemed like some of the ones placed out there were quite small. With hunter scoring of two for a knock down and one for a target hit, the max score was 136. Some of the close ones may have been feel good targets, but they were balanced off well by the ones out past 40 yards.

It certainly was nice to have Daniel, a new junior shooter, show up for the match. He certainly did “Show Up”, scoring a very impressive 96 on his first try at hunter field target. If that is not the best a new shooter has done, it certainly would be close; I cannot remember a better first match score. Great shooting, Daniel.

The piston class had seven competitors and they registered some impressive scores. George really has his Pro Sport dialed in and took first place with a 121/136. James and Tony L. shot together and had a real good competition for second and third spot, with James edging Tony out by a small margin. Brian W. had a good day and edged Jeff out to take fourth place. It was great to see Rodney out for a Port match and Brian M. made the trip from the Ottawa area again this year. Since this is our least serious/most fun match of the year, I think it is tailor made for a character like Brian M.

Nine pcp shooters rounded out the field for the 2015 version of the Fudd. I broke out the ld/SS for this year’s match and rediscovered the amazing accuracy of this gun. In spike of some technical issues I experienced, the gun just shoots where it is pointed and I was able to take the top spot this year. Chris just continues to get better and better and took second place. The next four shooters cooperated perfectly to avoid shoot offs, which of course allowed us to get to the food sooner. Single points separated Larry, Dennis, Ted and Dean, taking third through sixth respectively. Don, Lanny and Tony M. all shot high scores as well.

After the match, we broke out the chilli, baked beans and Italian bread with butter while the scores were being tallied. Awards were handed out while we ate, as some folks had places to go. We had brownies and cinnamon rolls along with hot chocolate to cap off the meal. Thanks to Angie for keeping and eye on the chilli and beans and setting everything out, ready for some hungry guys to devour. Thanks to Julia for making the trip with Briam M., for keeping an eye on the clubhouse and for stirring the beans and chilli from time to time to prevent it from burning or sticking. Thanks also to all the guys who set up targets for the match and to all that attended. As always, the Fudd was great fun due to every person that attended adding his or her own flavour and personality to the mix.

Weather permitting, we have a fun match planned for November 7th at Port and the final decision on whether it is a go or not will come down a few days before the date. Stay tuned and get those indoor piston ft rigs ready for a new season at Burlington.

Results Chart
October 3, 2015

Rifles are .177 unless designated otherwise.
..... Shooter.....Score /136....Gun.... Scope.... Pellet
PCP Hunter
1.. Tim MacSweyn-s... 127... ld/SS... Vortex 6-24... CPH
2.. Chris Holmes... 123... BT65 ...Hawke 4-16... .22 JSB 15.9
3.. Larry Carroll... 120... AA MPR FT... Bushnell 6-24... JSB 8.4
4.. Dennis Eden-s... 119... Theoben Vanqish... Nikon 10-50... CPH
5.. Ted Gibson-s... 118... 410 Carbine... Bushnell 8-32... JSB 8.4
6.. Dean Leite-s... 117... Steyr LG110... Deben 10-50... H&N 10.6
7.. Don Irvine-s... 113... Steyr LG110 FT... S&B FT... JSBH
8.. Lanny Hann... 112... Theoben... Elite 4.5-30... CPH
9.. Tony Moosie... 96... Marauder... Hawke SW... .22 JSB 18.1

..... Piston Class
1.. George Harde... 121... AA Pro Sport... Bushnell 8-32... JSB 8.4
2.. James Liu... 105... Cometa Fusion... Hawke 4-16... JSB 8.4
3.. Tony Lau... 102... HW97KT... Diana 4-16... Cr 7.9
4.. Brian Wernham... 95... HW97... Elite 5-15... .22H&N FTT
5.. Jeff Hemming-s... 92... TX200... Aeon 4-16... JSB 8.4
6.. Rodney Joaquin... 86... HW97K... Leapers 3-12... JSB 7.9
7.. Briane Milne... 79 TX200... Leapers... AA 8.4

1.. Daniel Grobe*... 96... Brocock... Hawke... .22 JSB Exp

s- Set up lanes for the match * New shooter

Re: Fudd aftermath .... pic/vid and results added

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2015 11:47 am
by FTguy