Match Report for 18 June 2022

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Match Report for 18 June 2022

Post by JeffH » Mon Jun 20, 2022 8:49 pm

From Rob W -

The wind that was howling for the previous day and a half continued blowing hard and had most people a bit concerned – but the people who set up some of the lanes obviously thought that the wind was not going to be enough of a challenge!  Some of the target placements were a bit devious.  I loved it - and from the smiles and conversation it sounded like most everyone did.  The silver wood duck target that was tucked in at the base of a tree on lane #3 caused the most chatter since with the changing light coming through the trees it was almost invisible until you had your scope on it (by the way that is a very pretty target Rob G!!!)  The rest of the course took advantage of the woods with a number of targets tucked into shadows or under the shelter of a fallen tree... check out the full report ... june-2022/

Hunter PCP
Rob G with 98 / 120
Marc S and Tom K tied for second at 95
Larry Y 92
Mike D 71

Hunter piston
Rob W 97 / 120
Shane R 74
Garry C 64
Danny K 59

Open PCP
Len J 57 / 60
Dennis E 55
Lanny H 49
Magdy H DNF

WFTF piston
Tim M 50 / 60
Bob W 29

James L 45 / 60

And another pic,
SunTargetJun22.JPG (224.19 KiB) Viewed 123 times

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