April 23rd Cancelled & Looking for Match Director

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April 23rd Cancelled & Looking for Match Director

Post by JeffH » Thu Apr 14, 2022 10:20 pm

Hi everyone, an update about field target at the Port Colborne District Conservation Club.

First, the Port Colborne District Conversation Club (PCDCC) informed us that the course is currently under water and not usable. As a result, the April 23rd match is cancelled.

Second, and more importantly, Zach Harde is leaving the Match Director role. He is in the process of moving out of province and is unable to carry on with the match director responsibilities.

On behalf the of the FT community, thank you Zach for stepping up during these very challenging times to keep FT going at Port. Good success with your move and your new home!

This means that there is an open Match Director role for FT matches at PCDCC. If you are interested, here are some of the things that you will be taking on:
1. Being or becoming a member of the Port Colborne District Conversation Club, PCDCC. Annual fee is $90
2. Coordinating matches including:
a. Communicating match reminders and post match write ups
b. Taking in match fees, getting waivers signed and submitting fees to PCDCC
c. Organizing targets, course design, setup and take down
d. Coordinating course clean up days
e. Serving as the chief marshal,
3. Being the liaison with the PCDCC and the CAFTA Board and
4. Generally being a spokes person for Field Target and making sure things run smoothly and properly for FT matches at PCDCC.

It’s a big job and don’t let that intimidate you because there is lots of support – both from local volunteers and the CAFTA Board. We all have an interest in making sure that FT continues at Canada’s longest running Field Target venue. Hoping you’ll consider the role!

If you are interested, please contact any of the CAFTA Board members.

Bob Wall – nightruns@hotmail.com
Brian Wernham – wernhamB@gmail.com
Geoff MacGregor – gmac.312@mail.com
Jeff Hemming – jhemming@sympatico.ca
Joel Goodwin – joelwgoodwing@hotmail.com
Tim McSweyn – cft.mac@gmail.com

CAFTA Board of Governors
Bob, Brian, Geoff, Jeff, Joel and Tim

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