Directions - June 15 shoot/Accomodation

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Directions - June 15 shoot/Accomodation

Post by 17pepper » Wed Jun 05, 2013 12:35 pm

Here are the directions to the match:

We are exactly 13 km north on hwy 36 towards Castor. This is a strange highway in the sense that it runs north from Brooks (1 hour) then takes a 4 km or so detour onto hwy 9 travelling west before it re-connects to the north. To make matters worse hwy 9 also does strange things. There are actually 2 ways to connect with hwy 9 and this messes up a ton of people travelling to Hanna from the Calgary area. If you are travelling north on hwy 21 you will find a hwy 9 turnoff which heads to Drumheller. DO NOT take this road. Your GPS will in fact tell you to take this route but ignore it (trust me!!!). Continue north until you get to the hwy 27 junction. West to Didsbury and East to Hanna. This is the correct turnoff (go east) and hwy 27 will turn into hwy 9 eventually as you travel east past the town of Morrin.

The easiest way is to find Hanna on a map. Several km to the east you will see the hwy 36 turn going north. Again, 13 km north. We are on the east side of the hwy. The farm just before ours is a landmark as it sits on top of the only hill you will encounter on this hi-way. It is a white house with red roof, white garage/red roof, white quonset/red roof ... We are the very next farm over the hill and to the left (east).

If you are travelling from the north (Edmonton/Camrose) head south from Killam on hwy 36. Once you get south of Castor we are almost exactly half an hour away. Watch for Garden Plains road and hall (little green sign) and we are 9 minutes further south. 2 km south of solon road (little green sign) Again, east side of the highway.

There are a lot of trees in our driveway. I will plunk a few balloons out there to indicate the correct farm. (I have been dreading the moment that I had to post directions ... it is actually an easy find!)

Travel distances ...
From Edmonton 3 hours, from Medicine Hat 2 1/2 hours, from Calgary 2 1/2 hours, from Olds 1 3/4 hours, from RedDeer 2 hours.

For accomodation you are slightly hooped since our motels are fully booked for the next two years. (long story) I have accomodations booked for out of province guests. We have a great campsite 15 minutes from our farm (Fox Lake Campsite) if you want to make a weekend of it and you have an rv of sorts. A few people may be arriving Friday night and camping at our farm. This is fine but you would need to be self sufficient for water and power.

Sorry, I know our location is in the middle of no-where. Let me know if there are any questions.


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