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Alberta Provincial FT Championship

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2013 10:13 am
by 17pepper
Starting to make plans for the Alberta Provincial FT Championships and I have a few ideas I wanted to toss out there. We want to host the event on Saturday, June 7, 2014. For those travelling from out of province (I hope there are a few of you ???) I wanted to make a few suggestions. First of all, if you are paying for a flight it might be worth considering throwing in a few activities in addition to the prairie shooting experience. I wondered about a flight to Calgary followed by the 1.5 hour drive to the Rockies with 1 or possibly 2 nights stay in Banff. We have 2 trucks with crew cabs and toppers and could therefore accommodate up to 5 shooters and their guns etc. in each of the vehicles. Travel from the airport to all locations can be arranged so that there is not the additional cost of car rental. There would be one or possibly 2 nights accommodation to pay for in Banff with the added cost of meals. From Banff, we would travel to Hanna (3.5 hours) by Thursday sometime so that Friday would be reserved for course set up. If there are interested parties I think that would equate to a flight out on Monday or Tuesday if you wanted to get to the mountains for a few days. If you have not seen the Rockies I don't think you will be disappointed. In addition to the sights I wondered about scouting out Canmore as a possible location to consider for hosting the World Field Target Championships. I am not intending to cause a stir but I think that we need to start thinking about a venue sooner than later and the logistics of hosting a world event in Canada. With several CAFTA directors present I think a few meetings could be arranged ahead of time so that we could scout out the area and get a feel for the level of interest. I am hoping George will add a few comments in this regard since he has just travelled back to Ontario from a visit in Alberta and we had some interesting FT discussion around this possible venue.
Back to the topic of the Alberta Provincial match ...
Some of you were out for the shoot this past June so you will be familiar with the accommodation available at my Bed and Breakfast in Hanna. This space will be reserved again and we also have room in our RV which could be set up at a local lake (2 km from town) or right at the B & B. There will be no cost for accommodation. The shoot details will be forthcoming but I wanted to get the date nailed down.
PS – Is it too late to submit a summary of the Worlds in Germany?

Re: Alberta Provincial FT Championship

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2013 10:48 am
by Mac
Thanks for nailing down the date, Barb. I am quite sure I will be attending, most likely along with George, like last year. I will arrange the flight with George, as he is the working man and must decide how early in the week he can leave to head out your way. I think Jeff will be there unless something unforeseen comes up. We had a tremendous time at the 2013 match along with the whole Alberta experience.

Have you ordered up a breezy day for the 7th? ;)

As for too late for a report about the World match, it's never too late. I'd really like to read about your experience.

Re: Alberta Provincial FT Championship

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2013 11:49 am
by dHb
I've never been to the Rockies and like the idea of taking advantage of the hospitality. It's $675 for direct flights from Ottawa, which is a bit much for just going to a shoot, but some sightseeing would help with the rationalization.

Re: Alberta Provincial FT Championship

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2013 11:49 pm
by JeffH
Hey Barb,

Was talking with George and he mentioned the dates. I'm definitely in! Like the idea of doing a bit of a tour too. Tim I'm flexible on dates. Let me know what works for you. Can't wait for June!

Re: Alberta Provincial FT Championship

Posted: Tue Mar 18, 2014 12:14 am
by rocker45
Brennan and I would like to attend if you have room for 2 more shooters

Re: Alberta Provincial FT Championship

Posted: Tue Mar 18, 2014 3:15 am
by jgoodz
I would really love to make the trip out, I will have to see if it will be a possibility 8-)

Re: Alberta Provincial FT Championship

Posted: Mon May 12, 2014 7:08 pm
by Mac
This date, June 7, 2014, is getting close very quickly. I hope many of you, especially those in Alberta, have plans to head to Barb' s place on June 7th to have a great time shooting.

All classes will be offered, but at least two shooters are needed in a CAFTA class in order to have an award. This is not a CAFTA rule and Barb could alter this if she choses to.

Open Division: PCP and Piston classes (20 ft/lb max)
Hunter Division: PCP, Piston (20 ft/lb max)
WFTF Division: PCP and Piston classes (12 ft/lb max)
Junior Hunter Class if we have some juniors (20 ft/lb max)

If you already know you will be attending, please drop me a line and I will start a list for Barb. Hopefully Barb will chime in and let me know the day when the awards will be ordered, so everyone can let us know by that date if they will attend.

In your email, please let me know the division and class you will be shooting in for the match. Thanks.


George, Jeff and I have our flights booked and we are really looking forward to the match and the whole Alberta experience, which of course includes all the great people whose company we will be enjoying.

Re: Alberta Provincial FT Championship

Posted: Mon May 26, 2014 7:38 pm
by Mac
This post is in reference to this match, just in case some do not make the connection.