WFTF Hamster Use?

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WFTF Hamster Use?

Post by Mtl_Biker » Sat Jun 17, 2017 9:10 am

Hello Everyone,

I'm quite a new-comer to field target, and so far am trying WFTF. Looking at several posts here in this section I'm left a bit confused about the use of a hamster. For WFTF, is it allowed or not? And what about when/if there are "forced" positions for standing or kneeling... I've read that there hamsters are not allowed. Since the hamster on my AA S400 MPR FT is bolted on, it wouldn't be easy to remove it in such a case. On my CZ200S "Green", I have a RAW hamster which slides into the accessory rail and can be easily removed.

Thanks for helping me understand this.
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Re: WFTF Hamster Use?

Post by Mac » Sat Jun 17, 2017 11:32 am

With respect to the WFTF Division, a knee riser/hamster is allowed. It is allowed in all positions providing you follow the rules for the forced positions.

The riser can be held in your hand for standing, but not rested against you arm, body, etc. This is helpful for up or down shots, since you can adjust the riser rather that making all the adjustment by your shooting posture.

The same is true for kneeling; you can hold the riser in your hand, which must be unsupported from the wrist forward. It provides the same advantage for up and down angle shots.
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