SOLD - Falcon 10x42 scope for FTH

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SOLD - Falcon 10x42 scope for FTH

Post by martinjk » Wed Mar 11, 2020 11:23 pm

Falcon 10x42 -- side focus with the 10mb reticle; click value is .1 MRAD; reticle has half-MRAD hash marks (see pictures); second focal plane; tube diameter is 30mm.

In addition, the scope will come with a Horus Vision ASLI. The Angle Slope Level Indicator is an inclinometer with level.

Asking $300, shipping included. You’ll recognize that this is a great deal if you’re at all familiar with optics prices.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able can compete in HFT for a few years (2 hip replacements and a bad back will do that to you) so the scope is surplus to my needs.

For a repeat of the pictures PLUS the manual go to: ... AwMxa?dl=0 . Cut and paste into your browser if needed.
falcon 10x42.JPG
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