AA S410 Carbine SOLD PF

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AA S410 Carbine SOLD PF

Post by Mac » Sat Jul 07, 2018 4:32 pm

The gun is in great shape and the stock is exceptionally nice, including an adjustable riser. Has the EV2 butt on in that sells for $200 plus tax. It is regulated to shoot just under the 12 ft/lb mark for about 65 consistent shots because of the tube that is a classic, which is longer than the carbine tube. The adjustable regulator was made by Walter and is spot on. The gun is every bit as accurate as my Steyr LG100 with JSB 7.9s. The trigger is light (Under 500g), single stage and very predictable.

I comes with the quick fill with male foster, one magazine and a modified single pellet loader that loads from the right if you have a large side-wheel on your scope.

The stock, riser and butt would run over $600 and I am asking $850 Canadian plus shipping. Getting proven regulated action for under $250. I can bring the gun to the Nationals in Port Colborne next weekend if someone is interested in purchasing it.

Thanks for looking

Tim MacSweyn
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