introduction coach- air pistol

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introduction coach- air pistol

Post by hollowpoint » Tue Aug 09, 2016 5:08 am

hi all , I just retired from coaching air pistol for 15 yrs for Olympic modern pentathlon team, tetrathlon, alta pony club, CRPC Jr program and a few others. most of it was air pistol sub 500, but also coached and competed in rimfire rifle and pistol with Anschutz 54:18, 64 mpr, high standard Olympic citation, fas ap 609, ruger target 10/22, Benjamin trail np2, crosman 2240, cz 452 in 17hmr etc etc. served with PPCLI as well (Canadian army battalion) in 70's so now you know my age range as well.
I really like Hawke Optics out of the UK for airgun scopes and I have 7.
I am completely new to field target air gun so go easy on me. I have begun my journey into field target by purchasing a scuba tank-steel and it weighs a ton, I know 1st mistake, but the guy was laid off and needed the money. I will get a k valve setup with a foster fitting for my rifle-to be purchased this fall- the Benjamin marauder 22 cal.
I am certain I have 90% of all available hunting type pellets by diameter and weight and shape as well as wad cutter target style, so choice for the guns liking, should be ok. I based this rifle choice on my needs for varmint control in the urban interspace between urban and rural where loud guns are not appreciated, and acreages abound with people discovering wild animals and rodents were there first. I will look at a repeater in 22cal, variable power, hpa, regulated, short carbine style and light weight. I need something short to work from inside a portable blind. I have a very long short list to choose from at pyramid, a of a, shooters choice, dl airguns, etc. so still a project in the works buy looking forward to it this winter.
glad to see a Canadian component for this fast rising sport.
in 2010 the IOC decided in their corrupt wisdom that the modern pentathlon sport wasn't up to TV stds for the viewing audience so it had to be reworked to make it so or dropped completely. I had to rewrite the training manual for this sport which was now 4 instead of 5. they took shooting from the very first activity, nice and fresh and alert at the start of the day, calm, target style with 10pt scoring etc and turn it into a 1000m run, come skidding into to the firing range, load and fire at 5 of the auto knock down type of targets and off to the next 1000m leg and do it 4 times while shooting 5 times and 25 targets. needless to say a lot lost their enthusiasm for the IOC right there. hope this event doesn't have the same politics.
Never appoligize for sport shooting, hunting
crosman 2240
Benjamin trail NP2
gamo target springer pistol
FAS ap 609
crosman 1077
marauder field target
next- gamo swarm maxim, Umarex Gauntlet PCP Air Rifle

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Re: introduction coach- air pistol

Post by Mac » Tue Aug 09, 2016 4:28 pm

Welcome, Hollowpoint

Looks like you have done your share in the shooting sports and air gunning. Hope you can relax and enjoy air gunning or field target if you choose to take that up. There are more than a few air gunners from your neck of the woods and they get together from time to time to shoot their guns and socialize. There are those who have shot FT and still do, but informal shooting is definitely popular in Alberta. See the section on "AIR FT" on the forum. I hope someone will contact you and inform you about upcoming events.

As for FT politics, so far we have created our own sport and changes are normally based on what the shooters think is best. We were making small changes yearly, after a general meeting at the October match in Port Colborne, but I think the rules have solidified to some extent, since people are generally pleased with them and the variety they allow. We have not tried to become a part of a larger Canadian organization that may try to control the sport and the direction it takes. CAFTA, our National organization, is a member of the World Field Target Federation (WFTF) that controls the rules internationally and for the annual World Championship match. One of our three Canadian divisions is the WFTF division and the WFTF rules are used to govern the shooting of those participating in that division.

Glad you found us and good luck on getting involved in air gunning.
CAFTA Governor

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Re: introduction coach- air pistol

Post by FTguy » Tue Aug 09, 2016 9:33 pm

Welcome hollowpoint ...
I too am a fan of the Hawke scopes.. got one I picked up from Kelly at D&L airguns...It's mounted on a AA S510 Hunter rig.. Glad you found us! ..
Shoot Safely, Shoot Often & Share Your Sport!

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