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A couple of discussion points for 2018

Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 11:25 am
by Mac
As many of you know, the Port Club has an all hunter match each Fall, The Annual Elmer Fudd All Hunter Match. It has become very popular and is usually referred to as simply "The Fudd". The fun factor seems more important than the results for most participating. I would like to start a similar tradition at Grenville, but have the match in the spring, the first match of our season. Rather than changing their FT rig used at monthly matches, many shooters break out a gun that they have not used for the regular matches and set it up for the hunter format. Any comments or opinions are welcome.

The other topic I would like some input on is the Provincial Championship in August. I have two possible formats suggested in the 2018 schedule that is posted here.

The one shot per target format requires a little more work by the organizers, but may be very timely since the World match is two weeks later. The two shots per target on 20 lanes would add up to 80 shots total. So the question is, is there interest in having a WFTF type match to experience something different than a normal monthly match?

Feel free to chime in.


Re: A couple of discussion points for 2018

Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 12:55 pm
by Mac
The schedule for 2018 has been revised to show an all hunter match for the first match of the season. The First Annual "Hunter All In Match"

The Provincial Match will be shot on 20 lanes, with three targets per lane and one shot per target. This is a WFTF format and will be a good warm-up for the Canadian FT Team that will be heading to Poland less than two week after the Provincials. We have some tree mount targets and will employ all of them for the match to get in some practise on elevated targets.