Match on the June 20th.

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Re: Match on the June 20th.

Post by topher1266 » Sat Jun 20, 2015 8:47 pm

Turned out to be a great day and another fun time, two shooters had sub-pal guns and we did hit the gong, Len did it with an 8.5 ft/lb gun, and helipilot did it with a sub-pal HW100. We had a blast just shooting both pistol and rifles, ejackyou was a little hesitant to try but some coaxing and help we got him out and having fun. The guys need to come out, the club is less than an hour from TO, and the FT targets can be knocked down with sub-pal guns and pistols. The guy taking the picture[who's name eludes me at this time] is a club member who shoots air gun all the time. Thanks to those who turned out and thanks for the help. Next shoot is on July 11th, same time same place, hope to see some more people out. We missed you Mike. I'm glad we got a few pics this time, next is to try for some video.

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