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Another fun day at HAHA.

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2015 9:04 pm
by topher1266
We had another fun day of shooting, and no pics we had too much fun shooting. One new shooter Dan my neighbors grandson had a blast and was a great help in my getting there on time. Len and Tony, Len Hitting most everything and Tony trying LOL. Tony was doing quite a job on a target at 100 yards, Len was hitting it with open sites but not able to get it to go down. Everyone was shooting the heck out of all the targets and the spinners are always a hit. Only about 8 people this time 187 cuteness and his friend had a good time. We managed to get most of the shooting in with only a little rain but it opened up as we were trying to pack up we got it all done and off to BBQ and to chat about the day. Thanks to all who came out, Mike for running to the store for buns that I forgot lol, and as usual thanks for the help and support to keep these shoots happening.