Crosman registration open

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Crosman registration open

Post by dHb » Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:17 pm

Here's a news flash from Crosman. This event is a great deal and a great
competition. Some of the factory pricing
specials are amazing if you need to rationalize the expense. While it
attracts some of the top American shooters, there are always some novices
there as well so don't be shy about going.


$50 for 2-day rifle match (increases to $60 on June 1)
$25 for single day shoot (does not qualify for awards)
$20 for pistol match
$10 for Quigley Bucket Challenge
$10 for lunch only (observers and non-shooters)

Registration closes June 30.

We're planning a lot of specials for attendees so they are not limited to
what we have in the onsite store and will be able to pre-order with
delivery at the event or to your home. These will be at prices absolutely
unavailable anywhere else!

SPECIAL NOTE: Fred Eichler, host of Predator Nation on Sportsman Channel,
will be competing and filming an episode about the NRFTC to air later this
year. Predator Nation won Sportsman Channel's "Best Hunting Show - Small
Game" this year.

We look forward to seeing everyone again this summer!

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