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Short Stroked my TX200HC

Posted: Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:05 am
by jgoodz

I used a 10mm piston head extension method. Shot cycle seems quite nice, but of course I do not have Chrony or a second of free time to shoot tune the thing, going on my 20th straight day of 12hr shift's, "emergency" state at our shop :roll:

Re: Short Stroked my TX200HC

Posted: Sat Jul 12, 2014 12:05 am
by Leonardj
This is one avenue that I have never gone down, but have read with interest the write-ups online of some of the UK tuners that have used this method of short-stroking their guns.
Nice thing about using this method is, the entire operation is completely reversible if the results are not as anticipated.

Look forward to reading about your results and impressions.

Re: Short Stroked my TX200HC

Posted: Sat Jul 12, 2014 11:17 am
by jgoodz
The cycle definately feels nicer, and I added a extra delrin washer for added preload to hopefully balance out the potential (slight) power loss due to lost swept volume. I would also like to try making a longer piston rod, the other way to get the short stroke effect, most seem to have better success and less tweaking with that method from what I have read.

I really dont want to get into tuning the transfer port and all that, but I may have to to avoid/eliminate any "piston slamming". This side effect did not seem evident in the few shots I took after initially installing extension, but it is something I will have to test for a 100's of shots, not putting faith in the 10-20 I managed to sneak in. I have reverted back to the OEM piston seal in my TX as I was getting a very high ES of 28FPS with Vortek Oring seal, the more I think about it less I like the idea of a single Oring bearing the pressure in a springer, what are you thoughts on that Len? When I went back the OEM TX piston seal I have a ES of just 7FPS...

The other plus side is the OEM piston seal is a much better buffer for when the piston reaches the end of the compression chamber, this is another reason I believe the Vortek Oring seal to creates a harsh shot cycle, the end of it is a harder plastic. From I have read using a HW type piston seal works best to provide a buffer for this kind of setup.

Its fun starting to mess with the really involved stuff, I just wish I had more time to test and play around, hopefully soon I will have a new place so I can test and tinker again...