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Re: Ottawa FT Match - Saturday, Sept. 14

Post by dHb » Sat Aug 31, 2013 8:59 am

If you haven't been out to a shoot yet and don't have a rifle, come out anyway and borrow a gun. For those of you with a foster fitting on your PCP gun, I'll have my HPA tank there for refills. We will start setting up at 8:30, do some sighting in and try to start the match by 10:00. Please read the safety rules at the bottom of this email.

The match fee will be $10. If it is your first match, you shoot for free. If you've been shooting with us before, but bring someone new out to shoot, you and the novice shoot for free.

As usual, we will have 10 lanes with a total of 60 shots and we will toss in a standing and a kneeling lane. If you're bringing targets, please have them freshly painted (faceplates and KZs should be contrasting colours). We'll toss in a 3/8" target so those of you who didn't go to the Nationals can see what made us cry! (I've attached the Nationals match report in case you're curious about the gear being used.) We're also going to try to make a target "shelter" so there'll be some dark shade.

We had Hunter Division as an option last time and it seemed to work out quite well. For those of you in Hunter Division we'll be using the CAFTA rules where hits on the faceplate score 1 point and a knock down scores 2 AND you cannot use the scope's parallax adjustments to help with range finding. If you have range markings on your parallax wheel/knob please cover them up with electrical or painters tape. Hunter Division is an especially good choice if you have a sub-500FPS gun. You can find the detailed CAFTA rules at:

In addition to your gun and pellets please bring along a pen, clipboard , stopwatch and something to sit on for the many seated shots. If you want to do sighting in please bring along a carton with targets attached. If you cut a couple of holes in the carton on one side near the bottom, you can run a string through the holes and then pull the target closer to you to check your elevation settings without needing a cease fire for everyone. We have a trick for how to turn the plastic carboard election signs into free standing paper target holders - if you have one, bring it along and we'll share the secret.

There will be a couple of airguns that people can borrow, and a growing number of fancy FT rifles for people to check out. Just let me know if you need to borrow a gun in advance.

You'll want to check out as one of the local shooters has started a local airgun store. It may also be possible to pick up supplies at future shoots!!

If you are bringing a PAL gun with you, remember your firearms licence.

I have added yet a few more hopefully helpful links to the page at

For those who are still struggling with windage and elevation on the longer targets (i.e., everybody), check out An easy read about a complicated subject. ... f_wind.pdf

The location is about six minutes south east of the Limoges exit on the 417 or south west of Casselman.


- NEVER point your gun at anyone and ALWAYS treat your gun as being loaded at ALL times.

- ALWAYS be aware of where your muzzle is pointing, if you have difficulty getting up from a prone shot without waving your gun around, please ask another member of your group to help you.

- If you have a magazine fed rifle, please remove the magazine between shooting lanes.

- If you have a Break Barrel rifle, please break the barrel to show it’s safe. Similarly if you have an underlever rifle, please crack the underlever while carrying the gun.

- Please do NOT rest your muzzle on your foot and please don’t carry your gun using the scope as a carry handle.

- Do not load your rifle or even look through the scope ANYWHERE except across a designated firing line.

- Most importantly, if you see someone being unsafe, politely point it out to them. THOSE WHO CANNOT SAFELY HANDLE FIREARMS WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE.

- While you’re shooting the course, we operate a BUDDY MARSHALING system. That means that everyone on the course is a safety marshal, not just the people wandering around with florescent jackets on.

- it’s YOUR responsibility to make sure that everyone in your group stays safe.

- If you’re in ANY doubt at all, please ask one of the Marshals.


- If you hear a SINGLE blast on a whistle or air horn it means CEASE FIRE immediately. If you have a loaded gun, please point it across the firing line and discharge it safely into the ground.

- Remember, We’re ALL responsible for safety, so please make sure that everyone in your group is aware of a cease fire and that the groups to your left and right are also aware.

- While a cease fire is on, please DO NOT look through your scope or shoulder your rifle for ANY reason - lay it down.

- Two blasts of a whistle or horn mean that it’s safe to continue – Again, make sure everyone in your group and in the groups around you are aware of this.

- DO NOT Under any circumstances cross a firing line – if there is a problem, find a roving marshal and tell them what the problem is, they’ll be happy to help you.

- If you’re a spectator, please have consideration for those shooting the competition, and please do not approach or distract shooters (e.g. loud talking) while they’re taking a shot.
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Post by dHb » Mon Sep 16, 2013 8:53 pm

Yet another beautiful day for a FT shoot!

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Re: Ottawa FT Match - Saturday, Sept. 14

Post by Mac » Tue Sep 17, 2013 12:45 pm

That's a good turnout and some nice scores as well. Getting another match in before it gets too late in the fall is a good idea as well.
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