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New to the sport

Post by Hunkaluv » Thu Jun 18, 2015 10:44 am

I've recently rediscovered my love of shooting, and while looking for a PCP to upgrade to, I stumbled across FT shooting. It looks like it's right up my alley, so I was hoping for some guidance. I started by reading the 2015 CAFTA rules, but there's some things i'm confused about.

"Any safe air gun, of any configuration, shooting a single pellet." Does this mean that multi shot pcps are not allowed, or that you can only load 1 pellet at a time? Most of the PCP's i'm looking at are multi shot, not single load, and i'd hate to buy something I wouldn't be able to use!

"Any design of pellet that is completely constructed of lead, zinc, or their alloys, may be used." Does this mean any calibre may be used? I notice that some events limit the use to .177, I think to limit the damage to target.

The chart at the bottom of the CAFTA rules also says max power level of the rifle must not exceed 20fpe, so does this mean most people opt for something that is adjustable in power level?

On a side note, i used to match shoot 10 m air when i lived in Germany, and was fortunate to have access to Walther and Anschutz spring rifles. A lot has changed since then! Are there any PCP's out there that would mimic the feel of offhand (standing) those old match rifles? I realise that there are actual PCP biathlon and match rifles, but i also want something with serious fpe for critter control.

I've contacted the OFTA people, so i expect just getting out to events is the first real step. ANy advice is appreciated however.

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Re: New to the sport

Post by dHb » Thu Jun 18, 2015 12:16 pm

The 20 ft-lb limit is largely to protect the targets from excessive damage. A full-power .25 calibre hunting airgun would quickly destroy many common FT targets. The .177 limit at the Grenville club is likely something imposed by the Chief Firearms Office in Ontario (I won't even try to guess at their thinking).

Due to the superior aerodynamics of .177 pellets when velocities are capper by power limits, no 'serious' competitors use anything larger. There is some measure of power adjustability on many higher quality airguns and while many start off with a rifle in a dual purpose role, they tend to end up buying a dedicated FT rifle after a season of compromises. In the Ottawa area we went from all sub $300 airguns to having lots of $1000 plus airguns on the firing line within the first year. You're not going to see many cars with all-season times on a racetrack. Hmmm, or is that the way F! has gone?!?

80% or more of the shots in FT are usually taken from the sitting position so most stocks are more optimized for that position than standing.
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Re: New to the sport

Post by Mac » Thu Jun 18, 2015 1:00 pm

To add to Dave's advice, the multi shot guns are used in FT competition, but the magazine is removed from the gun between lanes. This allows you to have the number of shots for a lane ready and maybe one or two extra, in case there is a cold line and you have to blow off a shot to make your gun safe when someone goes down range to fix a problem.

In almost every match we host in Port Colborne, there is at least one shooter using a .22 rifle. The .22 is the top limit for FT and it gives the shooter the handicap of a much loopier trajectory.

There are many pcp guns with adjustable power, such as the AA 400 and 500 series guns. They have had great success in our matches and worldwide. For a dual purpose gun, they are hard to beat.

If you shoot open or hunter, having the gun set just under 20 ft/lb would be great for both FT and critter control. Myself and many others have gone to the WFTF division and set our guns up just below the 12 ft/lb limit. Small critters can be dispatched effectively with a 12 ft/lb gun; they have been doing it in the UK for decades.

If you can possibly get out to an Ottawa match, you will learn more in one day than you can on many, many forum posts. Once you do get to I match, I hope you will post your feedback.
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Re: New to the sport

Post by Hunkaluv » Fri Jun 19, 2015 6:51 pm

Thanks for taking the time to reply. The energy of the rifle isn't really an issue, I have 22LR if it comes down to taking out critters. I was just hoping that there'd be "the one" gun. No doubt i'll have more questions later.
Have a great weekend,

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