We need rule changes !!!

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We need rule changes !!!

Post by bjp » Fri Oct 10, 2014 6:21 am

Anyone that follows FT on the yellow forum (U.S.A) is probably aware of the raging debate/personal attacks going on about attached bipods in HFT. Because I can't find anything of similar entertainment value up here I figured I'd start this thread.

I'm tired of not winning so I demand that I be allowed to shoot off of a concrete bench and use a laser range finder. If I still miss I get as many "Mulligans" as required for me to hit the target (but no one else does). If anyone still beats me THEY will have to move to another "newly invented" class, yet to be named (I like the idea of a "Blinfolded" class for them).

If you disagree with me you're a whiner and don't deserve to shoot with me, so there.
I think I just had an epiphany ! If I just shoot FT just because I like to shoot FT, and I figure out that the people who practise and spend time developing their skills (I don't) deserve to beat me (here's the epiphany part): I'll enjoy myself more and not spend hours pounding out rants on the internet.

I have to cut this short, I'm painting targets for this weekends FT match ......................................................

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Re: We need rule changes !!!

Post by Mac » Fri Oct 10, 2014 10:07 am

They are in for more trouble when folks start form fitting the top of the bipod to their stock, like Charles Garvie has already. They did not stipulate anything with regards to how the gun should contact the bipod, so the creative/competitive folks will be hard at work to make it as close to fully attached as possible.

We started last year to ask hunters at the Fudd match if they had any concerns and we ended up amending a few rules in response to their concerns and suggestions. We eliminated the shooting jackets and gloves and allowed adjustment of the cheek piece and butt pad. I have not heard of any new beefs folks have, but we will find out on the 18th at the Fudd. This match traditionally has the highest turnout, especially for those who shoot hunter most, if not all, of the time.

The Fudd is also important for the BOG and other division shooters to shoot in and have the hunter division experience.

I love the Fudd match.

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