HW77 west Germany .177 - SOLD SOLD

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HW77 west Germany .177 - SOLD SOLD

Post by 187_cuteness » Tue Jan 20, 2015 7:11 pm

Really shoots well but I want a pcp. Here is the original writings about the rifle below. Asking $700 or trade for a similar value PCP in .177. I redid the stock in natural wood with 11 coats of truoil. Scope not included.

This HW77K is one of the older ones with the 25mm pistons (vs the current 26mm, so less mass moving) - it's from the 80's - HW went with the larger 26mm piston to boost the power, but with piston rigs for the ultimate smoothness, sub 12fpe is the ideal accuracy/lack of hold sensitivity, so the 25mm tube is preferable.

It's been tuned by Paul Watthttp://www.springgunning.com and I have his tune card for it. He is regarded as the best tuner outside of the UK, he really knows how to work magic. He charges $350 US for his tunes, and unfortunately is so busy he can pick and choose his clients, which he does only a few times a year. Then you wait as long as it takes for him to finish - often many months.

It also has a VMach Muzzle Break on it, this is worth $150 new.

The stock on it is a beautiful too, a blonde colour with a great grain, which is rare for beech.

The shot cycle and trigger are amazing, as is the accuracy. I used it to place 2nd at the Canadian FT Nationals, and was doing great at the US Nationals, then my scope failed and I placed 5th.

I currently have 3 of these small tube HW77Ks. I like to tinker, but know better than to open up this rifle, as it'll negate Paul's tune, so best to sell it before I succumb to the urge to open it up!

The rifle and stock have only a few flaws and are in great shape - the muzzle break has some marks though.


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