Sightron SIII LR 10-50x60 competition scope package - UPDATED

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Sightron SIII LR 10-50x60 competition scope package - UPDATED

Post by TX200 » Sat Jul 07, 2018 2:00 am

I'm selling my Sightron SIII LR scope package - scope, side wheel, sun shade and eye cup. I bought it brand new and have been the only user of the package. Everything is immaculate - clean glass, no marks, scuffs or scratches on the scope or side wheel. The eye cup is brand new having never been used.

The scope has been re-parallelaxed to 9-60 yards by the Sightron Custom shop. To be transparent, there have been concerns with this type of re-parallelaxing. To put to rest any doubts, it can be re-parallaxed and I've spoken to both Sightron and Hirsch Precision (Canadian Distributor) who have confirmed that there are no problems changing the parallax.

This is a top-end FT competition scope package. IMHO, it represents the best value of what is currently available for serious competition.

The package includes:
1. Scope - Sightron SIII LR 10-50x60 Illuminated MOA-2 reticle with 1/4 clicks and 30 mm tube
2. Original box with serial number matched to the scope, scope cloth and eye cap
3. Rowan 5.5" Sightron specific side wheel
4. Sightron 3" sunshade
5. Sightron eye cup
6. Temp strip mounted to underside of scope, range 10-40 C

Scope specs can be viewed here -

Price - $1,500. To buy new, this package is $2,600+ so you're saving more than 40% and still get the Sightron warranty.

Willing to split any reasonable shipping cost / insurance (e.g., not overnight) to any address in Canada. Also, willing to coordinate the re-parallaxing if you prefer a different parallax range.

Will send pics upon request for serious inquiries.

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