.177 Diana 54 - SOLD

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.177 Diana 54 - SOLD

Post by Mac » Tue Mar 21, 2017 7:59 pm

This is a used gun I purchased a few years back and had it stripped and lube tuned just to be sure it was working fine and nothing was broken. It shoots the JSB Heavy pellets at 885 to 890 fps, so just over 18 fpe. I bought it with plans to shoot it in Hunter Piston, but have not and probably will not get around to it.

The action is in decent shape and the former owner did have a lot of things attached to the stock. It has repaired holes in a number of places that you will see in the pictures. The scope rail has been somewhat abused by the former owner, but still works fine. It certainly would be a good gun for hunting or for hunter class FT. I shot it a few times with a Williams rear sight attached and the accuracy was very good. Felt recoil is very low with the recoil-less mechanism working fine.

Will sell for $420 Shipped within Canada.
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